A family member, company leader and entrepreneur all have stories to tell. Stories that inspire and shape future generations. A treasured keepsake; to hear their voice, show their character and meaning of life...to show how their life helped to shape the lives of others. 

Our customized videos are professionally produced and help families and heads of companies share memories and lessons learned; family and company values from one generation to the next. They may also help your business or not-for-profit share its stories and values with customers, employees, donors and volunteers.

Klem Daniels has the grace and expertise to ask the intelligent and common sense questions to get to the heart and meaning of someone life story. He has a comfortable style and understanding that inspires thought provoking, highly evocative responses. 



Every Legacy Video is customized and focuses specifically on the stories you want told. We support each video with memorable pictures or video footage that you supply which we incorporate into the video to help support each story.

Pricing is based on your goals (length and complexity of the video you require), including travel outside of the Puget Sound area, the number of shoot days and length of video. We can also involve other family members or partners in a company to be involved in telling the story. This is all part of the professional customization of every legacy video project. 

Distribution is up to you, we offer flash drives so you can easily watch and then share your videos with anyone. We also offer DVD’s when requested as well as password protected on-line access.

Don’t wait, memories are too precious to lose. Give a gift that will be remembered for eternity.


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