We offer creative services from a team of experts to develop and bring your story to life. Concept Development, Storyboarding, Script Writing, Talent and Location Search... and that's just the beginning. High Caliber productions through every stage from Pre to Post. 

Regardless of the format or genre, our creative services team approaches every project the same way; tell the most compelling story possible. Klem Daniels Productions works with a variety of clients – Washington Federal and Vulcan Inc., Parent Trust for Washington Children, American Safari Cruises, Fusion Happens and many more. No matter how large a company we can offer a package that fits your budget.  


Klem Daniels Productions creates videos for Product Launches, Award Shows, Live Streaming, Corporate Meetings, Publicity, Web Services. We're a small shop with a lot of connections when it comes to adding a specialists or two. Whatever the job requires from scripting, directing, shooting, editing to hiring talent, shoot location, multi-camera projects...well, you get the idea.  



The legacies of family, company leaders and entrepreneurs all have a story… a story, if not told, is a loss of valuable memories. Their voice, their depth and meaning of life can be captured and saved for future generations.


Sound Design & Audio Production

Klem Daniels Productions also offers a full-suite of audio production services, so your videos sound as good as they look. We will fully manage the creation and acquisition of sound on-site, music beds, special effects, voice talent, script writing and more.

Klem Daniels has produced over 5,000 radio commercials and 1,000 long form audio projects. He’s been the chosen voice for several national and local radio and TV commercials. He also offers personalized voice over training in a professional environment, allowing students to learn the art of voice acting while developing a range and creating a demo.

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Nothing drives traffic, builds rapport or generates interest like a great video about your business on your website. At KDP, we are highly skilled storytellers and visionaries who can tell your story or get your primary messages across to viewers easily, effectively and creatively through video.

Introduce yourself to your potential customers and colleagues without breaking your budget. Website video is the triple threat you've been waiting for and a great complement to the written messages across your website.  

SEO Note: 1.8 million words is equal to 60 seconds of video on your website.


Training Videos

It’s never been easier to train employees in the field and around the world with instructional and training videos from Klem Daniels Productions. Shooting can take place on-location, or we can film talent in studio using green screen. With engaging whiteboard graphics, we make even the most complex information easy to understand and remember.        

Talent Search

Beyond his own voice talents, Klem has connections to all of the Seattle’s top voice talent agencies and independent talent. He can negotiate contracts on your behalf to ensure you get the best talent at the best price. His connection to talent, not only here in Seattle, but the whole audition process reaches out to the best talent anywhere for any project.


Looking for multi-camera video for company events or live streaming??  KlemCAST is an affordable, non-intrusive way to have multi-camera coverage for a fraction of a full-crew video shoot. You've seen those camera people wandering all over, distracting your speaker and audience? KlemCAST eliminates that concerning problem.  We're non-intrusive because we use remote controlled PZT HD cameras. We're able to place cameras often where no videographer is allowed to go during an event.

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