Klem Daniels is not only a voice talent – he is a phenominal instructor for up and coming voices across the country. Klem has directed and produced hundreds of vocal clips for thousands of television and radio commercials and long form programming. Experienced with all ages, he is a joy to work with. Each training session is one-on-one and can be worked around your schedule.


As a producer, Klem has the talent and elements necessary to develop your voicing skills in a professional studio environment, while providing all the necessary music and sound effects for your demo.

Each student receives personalized voice over training from an industry leading voice acting talent while learning in a professional environment. You will be trained on the techniques of voice-acting, developing your range and talents as you develop material for a demo. 

  • Training

  • Demo creation

  • Demo updates

  • Consult & setup home studio


Class #1 The Business of the Business:

Everything you need to know... How to work the microphone, finding your core voice, finding your "money" voice, the demo, home studio, getting an agent, union or non, new ways to make money with your voice, the studio process and more.

After you've learned the basics, we will get you on the mic and start to develop your range and interpretation of copy. We work on skills that will get you outside the box creating voices you didn't know you had. All the while recording and establishing material will go to create your demo.

Klem’s manner exudes both his experience and professionalism, without the intimidation factor, which is key for any new talent. I knew after my first class that I was on the right track toward my career in VO with Klem. He’s honest, straight forward, and knows how to find your talent and range in a fun and productive setting. I really enjoyed myself and learned a TON. Thanks to Klem I have a demo that accurately reflects my range, has a high end production sound, and showcases my abilities as a voice talent with a level of professionalism which makes a very positive impression on clients.
— Alison Bower, VO Artist

"Klem is the real deal. He is the only coach I have ever met that has taught me to hear myself and critique myself. There is no fluff with Klem, he knows the intimate details of the market and how to set you up for success. I would recommend him to anyone wanting to be in this industry, but at the same time don't want to share the amazing secret he is!!!"

Amy Sellers
Student/Voice Talent

 "I am so pleased with the animation demo that Klem produced for me! We were able to create an excellent demo quickly and very reasonably priced. I was hired to voice a new Nintendo game the day after I sent it out! I am getting great feedback from everyone that listens to it.    Thanks Klem!"

Cynthia Geary
Actress/VO Talent

Klem will teach you how to use your voice and lead you through the processes comprehensively and efficiently. He will start right at the place where you need him: getting computer software to put your voice down and practice, working with you to discover who you are behind the microphone; and helping you with preparing and creating your demo. Klem is very reasonably priced and is so capable. The students I’ve sent to Klem are now some of the industry’s top bookers in this region and are very competitive for LA jobs as well.
— Carlyne Gragor, Owner, Dramatic Artists Agency Los Angeles & Seattle

If you're experienced and just want to freshen up your demo while discovering new voices, Klem can help you with that as well. 


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